Prediction result:

About the app

This app can recognize handwritten digits. Draw a digit on the canvas above and press the "Recognize" button to see a prediction. Press the "Clear" button to clear the canvas and draw a digit again. "Show more information" button reveals detailed predictions by all models.

Collecting the data

The drawn image is saved in a temporary folder which is emptied at the end of each session. By default, the drawn image is used to additionally train models and futher improve the prediction quality. If you don't want this to happen, uncheck the flag below and no information will be collected.

Models performance

Model MNIST accuracy Worst predicted digit
FNN 58.95% 9 (14.57%)
Trained FNN 62.13% 9 (14.37%)
TF CNN 74.69% 7 (25.97%)
TF CNN trained 74.27% 9 (29.44%)